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SkyRest Child Travel Pillow

SkyRest Child
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Price: $34.95

First-Class Comfort for Kids! Traveled with your young one/s on a long flight? After packing, dragging luggage and airport cues with your children the last thing you want is to be frozen in one position after take off so you won't wake up your child. SkyRest Child+ was designed to fill in the leg room area of economy airline seat.

Maximum inflated level is 12" in height and 18" Wide. Its main purpose was designed so young children can spread out to sleep, rather than lie across other accompanying passengers. The ' + ' symbol in SkyRest Child+ stands for any other travel situations where it can be used, such as your car, for any age, anywhere you need to prop your feet up.

Not just for kids! Adults can use it too! Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT, is caused by a blood clot in a muscle and can be life-threatening. In an airplane, the dehydration caused by the dry air may thicken blood. In addition, the low cabin pressure, combined with immobility in cramped seats, may cause blood to collect in the legs.

As a result, DVT has been dubbed ''economy class syndrome.'' During Flights it is advised that you move regularly either while seated by doing some simple exercises or to get out of your seat and move around whenever possible. SkyRest Child+ will help to raise your legs so they are not compressed on the edge of your seat.

You can inflate it to your desired comfort level. There are two options for inflation, either by using the planes overhead airflow or manually. The valve operates only 'one-way' so it doesn't release any air in between breathes. The valve is also designed to allow for quick and easy deflation.

It is very flexible and can be easily folded or rolled into many different sizes so that it will fit into a carry-on bag..

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